A Final Fantasy Christmas Gift

This is a Final Fantasy Christmas Gift for my International Friends.

Since the Final Fantasy 7 Remake excited me so much this year, I dug out my ancient Fanfiction „Christmas in Nibelheim“ again and translated it into English.

Maybe the translation has some mistakes. I made it myself and my english is not perfect. I hope you will excuse that. The story itself has now over 17 years on its back and I would write it much differently today. It is a bit cheesy, but so it fits quite well into the Christmas season.
Maybe just someone still has joy in it.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful winter season!

FF7R - Christmas by Ria / Baka_Neearts
Christmas in Nibelheim

The Story has a CloTi Pairing – so be warned ;)

The German Version of the Story can be found here: Weihnachten in Nibelheim

The wonderful picture is from Ria / baka_neearts. Visit her on Deviant Art.

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